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Barco Drive In Theater


Although times have changed, the charm and nostalgia of going to the Barco have not. Just about everybody who grew up in this area has a "Barco story". It might be the pony rides in the early days or the fireworks Butler put on in the back of the drive-in every 4th of July. It may be the smell of popcorn or Wanda's chili as you first step into the snack bar. Or maybe it was running to see if you had the winning ticket stubs at intermission. Or it may be something as simple as taking your kids to see a movie and bringing them home wrapped up in a blanket just like your parents did when you were a kid. The Barco (dropping the Starvu in the 1950s) has gone through several changes in the previous years, including FM broadcasts in 1990 and double features in 2008. As of August 2014, the Barco is one of only 3 Drive-Ins left in the area, the others being in Carthage and Aurora. In 2013, Barco said goodbye to 35mm prints and converted to digital.

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